Ambassadors Program

Growing together we are stronger.

Driipa Ambassadors are talented individuals worldwide who can help grow our community, educate new members, and spread the word about Driipa's vision. Each Ambassadors have first person access to airdrops and WL spots in our limited events. Each participant will get access to a private Telegram/Driipa chat with support, where you can get help and ask questions about the program. We are very excited before the opening of the Ambassador Program! Come join us!

Simple criteria:

  • You must be an active user of web3 related tools including Twitter.

  • A belief in our project

  • Have advanced knowledge of DeFi, Layer 2 networks, and the cryptocurrency space in general.

  • English knowledge (ability to also speak other languages is more than welcome)

  • You have a community related to crypto.


  • Represent Driipa at other local meetups and conferences

  • You have a community related to crypto.

  • Be resourceful to people who are interested in Driipa

  • Connect the Driipa Foundation's team to exciting opportunities, partners, and individuals

  • Strategize and coordinate with other ambassadors on how to increase awareness of Driipa.

  • Support Driipa โ€™s social media channels

  • Collect feedback from the community

Our aim is to create a web5 SocialFi platform that create a bridge between web2 and web3 community, a platform that is both user-friendly and accessible, offering a range of features that make it easy for users to manage their own privacy from anywhere and still get rewarded for doing so.

The team is working on releasing a polished Driipa app with enhanced UI/UX and groundbreaking features:

  • A non-custodial wallet โ€” โ€œYour keys, your cryptoโ€

  • A dex - "which is currently at swap phase"

  • An Hybrid web social network - a social network fully equipped with features from your favorite web2 social networks namely; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

To achieve this objective, we recognize the importance of building a passionate community of supporters who will help us raise awareness and educate users worldwide. As such, we have launched an Ambassador program aimed at identifying and bringing together technical and non-technical leaders worldwide to help grow Driipa's ecosystem by promoting our message through various social networks, languages, and communities. Weโ€™re launching a publicly available global Ambassador program. You will be awarded [XP] points for completing simple daily/weekly/monthly tasks in social networks like any other members of the network. Then you will be able to redeem the XP for rewards and airdrop whitelists. But apart from rewards you will be able to use this program to develop your team and the entire Driipa community.

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