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Introduction To The Web5 Decentralized Social Network
In this current age, social tokens in our opinion, are an essential component of not the crypto community and creator economy but the world at large, the immense rate at which the creator's economy is growing is a bullish process for the future that's ahead us, a social media is valued to worth more than $200 billion.
The decentralization of global interaction process and the empowerment of the creators have been made possible by technology, anyone in the remotest corner of the globe can start just with a smartphone and internet connection. However, one of the most pressing issues that must be addressed is the concentration of wealth in the hands of global technology players, which leaves creators at the mercy of brand collaboration and promotion.
Basic HTML, e-mails
Informative and Interactive Information-centric
Technology giants hold all the power over users by single-handedly controlling content formats and platform mechanics through the power called centralization.
These platforms are not only disregarding the content creators but also not acknowledging and incentivising them, While the tech companies are generating billions of dollars, creators are earning peanuts due to the flawed revenue models. According to industry estimates, there are close/over a billion user on every social networks and between 4 and 38 million influencers/content creators. The majority of these creators are eager to monetize their work, the creator economy's current market size is approximately $104.2 billion, but revenue distribution has been abysmally low. However, due to the numerous pitfalls, creators are unable to make content creation their full-time profession.
Despite the recent increase in influencer marketing spending to $14 billion, only one-third of brands pay actual cash, which means that only 1.5% of micro-influencers (up to 50K followers) can live solely on social media income. The commercial interests of the largest online platforms are consolidated and frequently at odds with their most important stakeholders, the users. Platforms have all the tools and a closed infrastructure needed to make important decisions in secret, affecting the lives of millions of people on their platforms. As a result, creators are always at the mercy of the next advancement.
On sites like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, creators may only make money by including arbitrary advertisements in their videos and selling partnerships or products to customers directly. Additionally, content creators receive virtually little while platforms like Instagram and Youtube make billions by maximizing ad revenue through targeted content placements! The significance of content creators as collaborators and, in a sense, co-owners of the space is not recognized by traditional Web-2.0 content platforms, nor do they value them in this capacity.
Decentralized, private, secure User-centric
Most web3 applications today require a web3 wallet, which serves as a web3 authentication or web3 login tool. However, since many people are still unfamiliar with the crypto realm, they might hesitate to dive in and emerge themselves into this territory. However, some areas most people are familiar with are the various social media outlets and the standard sign-in procedures when using Google, Instagram, email, and Twitter, to name a few.
Now we have Web5
Therefore, combining traditional sign-in and Web3 login would be a game-changer. Fortunately, this is made possible with the ultimate Web5 social network platform, Driipa. With Driipa, we can connect with friends in Web2 style and designs. In turn, connecting with friends using Web2 functionalities with Web2 Social login and Web3 authentication via email; connecting wallets and all sorts of privacy integrations becomes a straightforward process.


A decentralized social network powered by the community

Driipa, an engage-to-earn social media app with a wholesome twist. Everything you love about TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but everyone gets a share of the money, with users as the core value drivers of the platform, driipa mechanics towards employing content creation as a full time profession by directly sharing our revenue with content creators and active users via interaction with creator's contents with our Driipcoin, We do so to encourage them to be who they are: the people that make the platform a vibrant and appealing place for our users to study and entertain themselves. By doing this, we're turning being a creator into a legitimate career path; our users will be able to support themselves by producing interesting, informative content and staying active in our platform. We think that in addition to financial compensation, creators ought to have input over the evolution of the platform that hosts their works. This is the reason we introduced DRP, a governance token, and possible in-app currency for our pool of utilities; in other words, we're reclaiming user power over the decision-making process.

Get paid to use social media while making a real difference, $Driipcoin is redefining interaction on Web

Earn for posting content, earn more for posting content that makes the world a better place
  • Find your purpose in focused communities and impact real initiatives.
  • They know their topics and audiences better than anyone.
  • They deserve to earn more for their sincere work.
  • Get paid for using social media while making a real difference.
  • Build clout by posting meaningful content.
  • They know what features they need from the platform.
  • Influence neighborhood causes and promote social entrepreneurship
  • Deliver advertisements to a highly engaged and motivated audience.
  • Get a share of the direct pool of creators reward
  • Onboard team schedule and reward structure
  • Create lasting relationships to motivate contributors
  • Work with artists to produce virulent and powerful media
  • From a donation to an impact, follow the contributions in real time on-chain ledger.

Driip puts the social into social impact: earn for doing good.

A pool of $DRP tokens is built up from pre-minted token supply, corporate onchain ads, NFT sales, platform fees and creator awards minted by users at every content interaction: content that makes the world a better place earns the most.
Reactions, driip, comment, share, and publish great content - every interaction earns you droplets convertible to Driipcoin.
Driip some good in the world with a social impact project, after your minimum withdrawal balance is reached, you can cash it out, or re-stake it to driip more driiptokens into your driip holdings.

Additional Ecosytem

  • DriipSwap ( Ongoing milestone development)
A dex protocol used to swap between crypto assets. Revenue from the swap boosts DRP volume,staking rewards and funds social impact.
• Game & Collectibles (Coming soon) Driipa team plan to develop and release a fun, adventure and metaverse oriented mobile game which would integrate with the Drp token, and further build the mission of bridging between earning and fun. Exclusive collectible NFTs would be launched which will escort in integration with the other gaming products, and provide various exclusive access points.
• Driip Wallet (Coming soon)
You can send, receive and store your favorite crypto assets and many other cryptocurrencies including NFTs safely and securely with the DriipWallet mobile app. You can even use DriipWallet to collect NFTs and access the latest DApps and DeFi platforms. It also has a new feature in the space, an Ai, that helps make your market research easier.