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Motivation, Goals & Milestones

Briefly our vision and goals

Why are we doing this?

We are creating products that we ourselves would love to use every day. We have been studying the market for a long time and we see that the industry is plagued by a lack of quality products. This is due to the explosive growth of the DeFi market (decentralized applications) and related cryptocurrency areas. Project owners do not have any motivation to create worthy and high-quality products due to extensive, explosive growth of the DeFi market (decentralized applications) and related cryptocurrency areas. We want to break this vicious circle and become a standard of a high-quality crypto project, raise the level of education and understanding of DeFi, NFT, GameFi, SocialFi, MetaFi, make decentralized finance services accessible and understandable to the masses. We believe that the higher the quality of the projects will be, the more transparent and honest they are, the more civilized and accessible the cryptocurrency market will become in general.

Our goals

  • We want to become a safe harbor for users in the blockchain market working as a useful, profitable, safe and community-oriented project.
  • We want to take part in the general trend for cryptocurrency adoption and legalization, to facilitate the spreading of blockchain and its popularization among the world's population by providing safe, simple and reliable services.
  • Become the No. 1 SocialFi and GameFi project, an example for others, have a positive effect on the development of the modern global cryptocurrency market.

How do we want to achieve this?

Yes, we do not make any technological revolutions or try to invent a new “sci-fi verse”. We endeavor to use the existing technologies and best practices, adapting and improving them for the rapidly changing cryptocurrency market with the help of a professional team. So, only in the process of continuous self-improvement, we will create high-quality products with a solid reputation.

How do we measure our success?

  • number of active users on Driipa network.
  • number of active wallets in the project.
  • TVL
  • trade volumes on the DEX
  • number of events held in the project (Airdrops, Tournaments, Educational Videos, Hackathons)
  • number of wallet and DEX users
  • number of ambassadors and partnerships
Our competitive advantage is strategic planning though not technically outlined. We look to the years ahead and lay the foundation for tomorrow's victories now
The project development is divided into 7 main phases:
  • Idea Stage, Concept Stage, Tokenomics development, Prototype Stage
  • Pre-Sale, Beta Stage, Buy contest and MVP platforms
  • list on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko
  • Initiate trending on top crypto platforms: Avedex, CMC, CG e.t.c and promoting $DRP on tier 1 call channels and Kols
  • Implementation of more MVP platform functions and debugging
  • Partnerships, Testnet and Airdrop Phase
  • Boost Commercialization and set milestones for CEX listings
  • Evm network development : Expansion to other markets and blockchains, development of new high-demand functions.
  • Alpha stage and Implementation of 100% platform functions

Integration of the best developed solutions based on the proposals upvoted via Driipa Community Reserve

  • Assembling of core team
  • Driipswap v1.0 - swap function [ ]
  • Public sale
  • Driipa (beta private test)
  • Non-stop social network updates, driipswap v2.0 - staking, add liquidity, testnet and other supporting features
  • Driipa rewards minting mechanics launch
  • Driipa web(public) beta
  • Driipwallet app - Playstore release
  • Driipa (android app) beta release
We are building a vast ecosystem that relies on the blockchain system, these pool of utilities would not be limited to just a Social Media, AMM Dex or a non - custodial wallet only. We will be bringing up an NFT marketplace, Gaming products and Driipa EVM - Supported blockchain system ( DriipChain ) an EVM blockchain with a new consensus ( TBA ) to suit Driipa's vision and mission, A Blockchain in which every user on the network participate in block creation and validation ( TBE ) focused on four (4) factors:
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Cheap fee
  • Decentralization