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Ecosystem Monetization Model

Our plan for long-term sustainability
• Physical Product Marketplace • Driipa Nft Marketplace • Funding • Onchain Advertisements • Subscriptions • Fees from Wallet Transfers • Fees from AMM DEX
All of these platforms will generate revenue for the company, which will be used to further develop the platform and expand its features. In addition, we will also be offering paid pro packages to users who want access to additional features and tools.

Physicial Product Marketplace

Fees from the Physical Product Marketplace when people sell products that they create or curate. In the future, we will continue to host sales of products and grow our community of buyers and sellers, in which MarketPlace users can:
  • Sell their own products.
  • Buy products from other users.

NFT Marketplace

Its as simple as it is to the community, however, we will be able to generate income from fees on the NFT Marketplace trades when users buy or sell assets. In the future, we will be able to increase the tractions by creating new and host innovative assets on our network.


Our platform offers crowdfunding features that allow users to raise support for their projects or causes. For hosting these charitable functions and to help the Driipa Foundation's team to maintain and improve our platform, a fee will be charged on the raise.

Onchain advertisment

We're excited to offer onchain advertising features to our users, as we believe this will be a valuable source of revenue for us and a means to keep away from breaking the privacy policy of our users. Onchain advertising is a great way to reach out to potential customers, as it allows you to target specific audiences and track the results of your campaigns. We believe that our users will find this to be a valuable service, and we're confident that it will be a successful source of revenue for us as well, with advertising system users can:
  • Upload Image ads
  • Pay by CPC/CPM
  • Get customers directly to their target link
How Advertising System Payment works?
  • CPC, CPM, paid by user's wallet
What is CPC, CPM?
  • CPC mean cost per click, how much will the system charge the user from every ad click
  • CPM mean cost per view, how much will the system charge the user from every ad view

Pro Packages

We would make money from offering premium member subscriptions features to our users. These features would include but not limited to;
  • access to exclusive content
  • early access to new products
  • discounts on products and services
  • whitelist for future airdrops from Driipa or Partners.
  • auto random daily reward collector (limited)
  • Upload unlimited media files
  • Get Pro Badge.
  • Boost posts in home page (featured posts).
  • Boost pages in home page (featured pages).
  • The ability to Show / Hide last seen.
  • verified profile badge, and
  • know who visited your profile e.t.c.
We believe that our premium members would be happy to pay for these exclusive benefits.

Fee from wallet transfers and AMM DEX

Using services such as wallet transfers, dex swapping, staking, farming, and Decentralized KYC will require users to pay some network fees. We also offer additional features, such as our options game and launchpad, which users can pay to get access. We are confident that our platform will be a valuable resource for users and we look forward to providing a valuable service to our users and investors.
And lot more revenue streams that will be released to support the web5 mission to keep you fresh and out of the web2 centralized dark hole.