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Token Environment

Drp is a social utility token for Driipa web5 social network active users, both normal users and creators.
The Driipcoin (DRP) is the fuel that runs the network and is used to reward users for their contributions. It is an utility token that is used to power the network and is not intended as an investment or security. Through the Community Reserve, active users will be granted governance authority over upcoming platform innovations and establish a decentralized economy. In contrast to Driipa, which is coined by users for the platform value they created, Driipa gains from the value of the network itself. All users will be referred to as "Miners" when the token is created by involving them in a process called "Droplet Mining." We will enable more rewarding features in the Driipa app under the Mining program to encourage active users to engage in social activity on Driipa as the number of creators and users on our network grows exponentially. Users on Driipa are rewarded for taking part in the creative economy by fostering the ecosystem by engaging with others' contents as part of a comprehensive engagement-based network program.
Following are the tokenomics.
DRIIPCOIN is a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain network, with future bridges to Arbitrum and other chain networks currently in development. DRP Tokens would be available for purchase on DEX and CEX exchanges by various providers.
Name: DRIIPCOIN Symbol : DRP Decimal: 18 Total Supply: 140 Million
Burnt Supply:
4,325,323.310789616648398187 DRP ( 3.0895% ) OF DRIIPCOINS TOTAL SUPPLY
TAX - 4% BUY \ 10% SELL - 1st week of launch
Buy Tax ( 2% Buybacks, 1% Usdt Reflection, 1% Marketing )
Sell Tax ( 3% Usdt Reflection, 1% Buyback, 6% Marketing )


TAX - 2% BUY \ 4% SELL
Buy Tax ( 1% Usdt Reflection, 1% Marketing )
Sell Tax ( 3% Marketing, 1% Usdt Reflection )
Presale: 50% Liquidity: 25% - 12 months lock Strategic Partnership: 10% - 2 weeks lock Team: 5% - 2 weeks lock Early participants/ Testers: 5% - 1~2 months lock Ecosystem: 5% - 1~2 months lock