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Anti - Rug Plans

The most common investor inquiry lately is, "What if all Driipcoin investors try to sell all their driipcoins on the day of the public listing, and the price plunges to zero?" This question is similar to the eternal question of every investor in a pre-IPO company. Roughly a quarter of the U.S. IPOs are overpriced, and the stock goes down on the first day, though the first-day drop rarely exceeds 10%. However, β€œover the last 50 years, IPOs in the United States have been underpriced by 16.8 percent on average.” The market price of securities, regardless of whether we talk about stock or security tokens including Driipcoin, Driipa's utility currency, is defined by demand and supply. To ensure the continued price growth of Driipcoin, we need to keep increasing the demand by increasing the brand visibility of Driipa and the public awareness of its benefits (decentralized, rewarding, and an audited, web5 system). Importantly, we would like the demand to grow faster than the market supply of driipcoins. The supply will be much smaller than the total supply of driipcoins (140M πŸ’§ most of which would have been issued), or even the total number of issued driipcoins, as some of them are used as reward for users in Driipa. Many Driipcoin holders may prefer to keep their driipcoins, expecting their further appreciation. For example, if the general consensus at the time of the listing of Driipcoin is that it'd likely grow to $2/πŸ’§, many investors would not likely rush to sell their driipcoins at less than $0.001/D Investors' opinions on Driipcoins price growth potential will greatly depend on the market dynamics. For example, Bitcoin's total supply has not changed, but its value grew by over two thousand percent in its last growth cycle, then plummeted by over 75%, before its 2023 rally, mostly because of the changes in public attitude towards cryptocurrencies. The number of Bitcoin millionaires increased by 140% this year, analysts predict a new major crypto rally, and we are well-positioned to take advantage of it. Correct timing of Driipcoin listing is an important task of our management team. It's evident that listing Driipcoin during bear market would have been a huge mistake. We aim to list Driipcoin for trading when the new crypto rally has been long and strong enough for mass investors to resume large-scale investments in the sector, and I expect that this situation will occur this year. In the meantime, we keep working on increasing Driipcoin's brand visibility and portfolio values.

How do I earn from Driipswap?

There are many ways to earn from Driipswap and they're not limited to;

  • Buying a potential XD Tokens

  • Providing liquidity to high-volume tokens

  • Farming DRP using tokens of your choice

  • Earning from staking

  • Holding $Driipcoin: Driipswap on V2 will be available on BSC, ETH, and arb chain with its router and Liquidity & there will be dusd rewards for $DRP holders for fees on every swap activity automatically.

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