Full MoonMap

Don't call it a roadmap
Note: This moonmap is periodically updated. Updated on August 12,2023
Below is our proposed plan for the next 5 years.
We are working hard to refine specifics on algorithm and MVPs. Once details are confirmed, we will release additional information. For now, the team is actively working with our community and advisors by gathering feedback and incorporating it into our existing plans and release .
We are excited to bring our vision to life, and we invite fellow Driipas and creatives of old and new to join us on this exciting journey!
Currently, we have decided to proceed with desktop browser-based and mobile versions of the social media as the app performance was tested to be the best on these very platforms.
Please Note: Each words, as stated on this Moonmap is a direction at which the team at Driipa Foundation analyses will be best for the strength and health of the project. That means we are not publicly committed to specific timelines, so we organize our priorities based on market changes and resources.


  • Regular Collaborations
  • UI/UX, Bug Fixes, Product Upgrades
  • Regular new pools and new farms
  • Regular juicy Contests in the community

●●●● WE HAVE

Prior up to 1Q23, we have

  • Built global core team and bootstrap development ✅​
  • Built the infrastructure, developed developers' tools ✅​
  • Implemented security measures ✅​
  • Design Utilities UI/UX ✅​
  • Named Project ✅​
  • Release of Whitepaper: Detailing the ecosystem, Web3 Integrations, tokenomics, and more. ​✅​
  • Driipa 1st Promo video: Release of the early preview promo. ​✅
  • Launched website & social handles ✅​
  • Built Social Media Web2 "Driipa" MVP ✅​
  • Released Driipswap v1.0 "swap phase" ✅​
  • Partnered with a Web3 domain provider "Unstoppable Domains". ✅​


  • Community Engagement ✅​
  • "$DRP" Presale On Pinksale & Pancakeswap listing ✅​
  • Driipa Private Beta Test ( Buy Contest ) ✅​
  • Pancakeswap buy contests and giveaways. ✅​
  • Bug fixes ✅​
  • Partnerships and Affiliate Program ✅​
  • Got announced for CEX Listings by Bitmart ✅​
  • Collaboration with Crypto Payment gateways/ Fiat integrations ✅​ partnered with Uniramp
  • Get volunteers & Launch Driipa global communities - Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Turkey, Philippines, Africa
  • Social app features upgrade ✅​
  • Listed On CoinMarketCap ✅​
  • 🎉 Launch Driipa "Web" & "App" for Android - Public Live Beta & Lite version
  • 🎉 Launch Driipa "Web" & "App" for IOS- Public Live Beta & Lite version
  • Bug fixes
  • Release Driipwallet on Playstore
  • 🎉 Launch of Ambassador Program: provide some of our community's most helpful, dedicated members with a pathway to assist in some key areas of the project
  • Bug fixes


  • 🎉 Introducing Driipswap v2.0 - Gamification, Stable Vault staking function on Driipswap, Farm pool and Liquidity Creation mechanics.
  • Onboarding Crypto projects on Driipswap Staking/Farm pool
  • 🎉
    introduction of Launchpad to Driipswap
  • 🎉 Introducing Driipa's United States Dollar: Research and Development of DUSD
  • First minting of DUSD to $DRP holders: full info will be announced.
  • Multichain Expansion : Cross-chain to Arbitrum / Ethereum Network
  • Website Revamp
  • CEX Listings for DRP and DUSD
  • Social app features upgrade
  • Collaborations - potentially with other top projects on BNBchain or Arb or Eth
  • Block Explorer prototype for Driipa Ecosystem ( Driipscan )
  • Blockchain Network whitepaper v1.0 release ( based on the EVM network )


  • Productionizing network stack
  • Nft Marketplace on Driipswap and Ui/Ux upgrade
  • Benchmarking throughput and latency in various configurations
  • Implementing reconfiguration and staking
  • Ledger and state checkpoints
  • Aligning Gateway Service Rust/REST/wallet APIs
  • Finalizing REST data model (aka SuiJSON)
  • Finalizing core data types
  • Authority "Follower" APIs to support replicas
  • Block Explorer devnet
  • Integration of shared objects and consensus
  • Selecting principled gas costs Event indexing hints
  • Integrate Driipchain with Driipwallet and Metamask
  • Support package publishing via REST API
  • More informative error messages
  • More convenient APIs that hide gas object selection and nested object authentication
  • Allow objects used in authentication, but not passed to entrypoints
  • Explicit syntax and compiler enforcement for entrypoints
  • Adding Move Prover specs to the Driipchain framework and verifying in continuous integration (CI)
  • Write and test-move genesis smart contracts
  • Spin up and run a local DriipChain network
  • Publish and run-move test smart contracts on a local network
  • 🎉
    Introduction of DTag, Limited sale and integration with social app "Driipa"
  • Migrate and test Driipa on an enclosed devnet
  • Devnet Airdrop Campaign
  • Enhance MVPs of Utilities onchain
  • A public devnet that allows Driipa devs to do all of the above on a shared network powered by Driipchain-operated authorities
  • Block Explorer Testnet
  • Introducing Driipchain open testnet that onboards a diverse set of non-Driipchain authorities to the network
  • Migrating all utilities to Driipchain Test network
  • Smart Contract Security Audits - Quantstamp / Solidified
  • An enclosed mainnet with real assets and production applications
  • 🎉 Introduction to Driipa open source and support for reproducible builds
  • Hackathons
  • Testnet Airdrop campaign
  • All under a single network
    : Ecosystem revamped connection ( Integration of Dtag profile to all Driipa utilities and provision of Developer API Endpoints to third-party projects or communities ) public launch
  • Build Dtag Ecosystem : Collaborations - potentially with other top projects on other EVM chainand crosschain them to driipchain
  • Dtag : integration with More 3rd party ecosystems
  • Driipswap launchpad integration with Driipchain
  • Limited Scarce Public Dtag aunction
  • More community engagement with hackathons and tech fests
  • Driipchain Open Mainnet and onboarding of global skills
  • Increased gamification of Driipa
  • DAO Governance